BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
UINT CBCGPDateTimeCtrl::GetState ( ) const

Returns the current state(style) of the control.

The bit mask of the control parts state.

Call this function to retrieve the state of control parts. You can check the following bits of the returning value:

  • DTM_DATE - date is displayed
  • DTM_TIME - time is displayed
  • DTM_TIME24H - time displayed in format 24 hours.
  • DTM_TIME24HBYLOCALE - time displayed in format 24 hours using the current locale.
  • DTM_CHECKBOX - check box is displayed.
  • DTM_CHECKED - check box is checked
  • DTM_SPIN - spin control is displayed
  • DTM_DROPCALENDAR - a drop-down button that allows to select a date from popup calendar is displayed.
  • DTM_SECONDS - seconds are displayed (only if DTM_TIME is specified)