BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPDateTimeCtrl::SetState ( UINT  flags,
UINT  stateMask 

Set the state of control parts.

Call this function to set the state of control parts. You can control the following bits of the input parameters:

  • DTM_DATE - date is displayed
  • DTM_TIME - time is displayed
  • DTM_TIME24H - time displayed in format 24 hours.
  • DTM_TIME24HBYLOCALE - time displayed in format 24 hours using the current locale.
  • DTM_CHECKBOX - check box is displayed.
  • DTM_CHECKED - check box is checked
  • DTM_SPIN - spin control is displayed
  • DTM_DROPCALENDAR - a drop-down button that allows to select a date from popup calendar is displayed.
  • DTM_SECONDS - seconds are displayed (only if DTM_TIME is specified)
flagsA bit mask specifying the parts state.
stateMaskThe bit mask of the control parts state.