BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPDateTimeProp::CBCGPDateTimeProp ( const CString &  strName,
const COleDateTime &  date,
LPCTSTR  lpszDescr = NULL,
DWORD_PTR  dwData = 0,
UINT  nFlags = CBCGPDateTimeCtrl::DTM_DATE|CBCGPDateTimeCtrl::DTM_TIME,
const CBCGPDateTimePropAttributes pAttributes = NULL 

Constructs and initializes a date time property.

The constructor. nFlags can be a combination of CBCGPDateTimeCtrl::DTM_DATE | CBCGPDateTimeCtrl::DTM_TIME flags.

strNameSpecifies property name.
nIDSpecifies property ID.
dateSpecifies property value.
lpszDescrSpecifies property description.
dwDataSpecifies user defined data associated with property.
nFlagsSpecifies the property type.
pAttributesSpecifies the date/time attributes.