BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
BOOL CBCGPDockManager::AddControlBar ( CBCGPBaseControlBar pWnd,
BOOL  bTail = TRUE,
BOOL  bAutoHide = FALSE,
BOOL  bInsertForOuterEdge = FALSE 

Registers a control bar with docking manager.

Call this member function to register non-floating, non-resizable ("statically docked") control bars with docking manager. If you don't register them, they won't be able to take a part in the docking layout and won't appear correctly.

pWndPoints to a control bar to be registered.
bTailIf TRUE, the control being registered will be added at the end of the list of control bars.
bAutoHideInternal, use default.
bInsertForOuterEdgeInternal, use default.