BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual void CBCGPEditCtrl::AddUndoAction ( BCGP_BASE_UNDO_DATA lpActionData,
DWORD  dwAction,
BOOL  bDestroyData = TRUE 

Adds undo action to the undo buffer.

Called by the edit control when there is a need to add an undo action to the undo buffer. Currently, the following actions are stored in the undo buffer:

  • insert text or character
  • delete text or character
  • text indentation

There are following predefined action types:

  • g_dwUATUndefined = 0;
  • g_dwUATInsertData = 0x1;
  • g_dwUATDeleteData = 0x2;
  • g_dwUATIndentData = 0x4;
lpActionDataPoints to a user-defined "action data" to be stored in the undo buffer. You can use it store extended information about the undo action.
dwActionSpecifies the action code (action type).
bDestroyDataSpecifies whether the user-defined data should be deallocated automatically by the edit control.