BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
BOOL CBCGPEditCtrl::ToggleMarker ( int  nRow,
DWORD  dwMarkerType,
LPVOID  lpData = NULL,
BOOL  bRedraw = TRUE,
UINT  unPriority = 0 

Toggles a marker at the specified row.

TRUE if a new marker has been inserted; FALSE if an existing marker has been deleted.

Toggles a marker of the specified type at the specified row. The row index is not zero-based.

nRowSpecifies the row number to toggle a marker at.
dwMarkerTypeSpecifies the marker type.
lpDataPoints to the user-defined marker data. Can be NULL.
bRedrawIf TRUE, the marker area will be redrawn.
unPrioritySpecifies the marker drawing priority (the higher number means drawing the marker on top).