BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
BOOL CBCGPEditCtrl::IndentText ( int  nStartOffset,
int  nEndOffset,
BOOL  bForward,
BOOL  bBlockSelectionMode,
BOOL  bSelectText,
CStringArray &  arInsDelText,
BOOL  bUndoMode 

Indents a block of text forward or backward inserting or deleting spaces.

Nonzero if the function succeeds; otherwise 0.

Use this function to indent a block of text forward or backward. The block is shifted according to the value specified by m_nIndentSize.

nStartOffsetSpecifies the start offset of the text to be moved.
nEndOffsetSpecifies the end of the block of text to be moved.
bForwardIf TRUE, the text will be moved forward. If FALSE, the text will be moved backward.
bBlockSelectionModeIf TRUE nStartOffset and nEndOffset define a rectangular area (block mode), otherwise all text between nStartOffset and nEndOffset is taken.
bSelectTextIf TRUE the moved block of text is selected.
arInsDelTextArray of strings containing deleted or inserted text.
bUndoModeSpecifies regular or undo mode.