BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPEditCtrl::LookUpSymbol ( LPCTSTR  lpcszBuffer,
int  nOffset,
int  nCount,
TCHAR  chSymbol,
int &  nSymExtraLen,
BOOL  bForward = TRUE 

Called by the framework when the symbol support is enabled every time it needs to check if a character should be replaced by a symbol (image).

Nonzero if a character should be replaced by a symbol.
lpcszBufferPointer to a text buffer where the character is located.
nOffsetSpecifies the offset of the character from the beginning of the buffer
nCountSpecifies the number of characters in the buffer.
chSymbolSpecifies the character to be checked.
symDef[out] When the function returns, contains a symbol definition for the character.
nSymExtraLen[out] When the function returns, contains the length of character sequence if LookUpSymbol determines that the current character belongs to a sequence to be replaced.
bForwardSpecifies the search direction for sequences. TRUE - forward, FALSE - backward.