BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPEditCtrl::ReplaceText ( LPCTSTR  lpszFind,
LPCTSTR  lpszReplace,
BOOL  bNext = TRUE,
BOOL  bCase = TRUE,
BOOL  bWholeWord = FALSE 

Finds, replaces and selects text in the edit control.

Nonzero if the specified text was replaced; otherwise 0.

The function is used to find, replace and select the result text in the edit control. ReplaceText is also called from CBCGPEditView when it processes ID_EDIT_REPLACE command.

Override this method in a derived class to customize find/replace behavior.

lpszFindSpecifies the text to find.
lpszReplaceSpecifies the text to replace with.
bNextSpecifies forward (TRUE) or backward (FALSE) search.
bCaseIf TRUE, the search is case-sensitive.
bWholeWordIf TRUE, the function looks for exact word.