BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
POSITION CBCGPEditCtrl::SetMarker ( CBCGPEditMarker pMarker,
int  nRow = -1,
BOOL  bRedraw = TRUE 

Sets a marker at the specified row.

A POSITION value in the internal list of markers. It can be NULL if the function fails. One of the reasons to fail can be the wrong type of marker (the marker type is one of g_dwBCGPEdit_MarkerReserved types).

Call this function to set a new marker at the specified row. If nRow is -1 the marker is set at the current row. You can set the returned value in order to have the direct access to the added marker later.

You must dynamically allocate pMarker in the caller function.

nRowSpecifies the marker's row (zero-based).
bRedrawSpecifies whether to redraw the marker area.
pMarkerPointer to the marker to set.