BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPEditCtrl::OnBeforeInvokeIntelliSense ( const CString &  strBuffer,
int &  nCurrOffset,
CString &  strIntelliSense 
) const

Called by the framework before the IntelliSense is invoked.

Should return FALSE if IntelliSense can't be invoked, otherwise TRUE.

Called by the framework from OnFillIntelliSenseList() before the IntelliSense is invoked . You can override this method in a derived class and check whether the current IntelliSense token is appropriate to invoke Intellisense.

strBufferA reference to the edit control's text buffer.
nCurrOffsetSpecifies the current offset in the buffer.
strIntelliSense[out] When the function returns, it should contain the current IntelliSense token.