BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual void CBCGPFileDialogEx::OnItemSelectionChanged ( CBCGPShellList pShellList,
int  nItem,
const CString &  strPath,
BOOL  bIsFolder 

Called by the framework when a file list selection is changed.

pShellListA pointer to the valid shell list object.
nItemA zero-based index of selected list item or -1 if no item is selected. In case of multiple selection, you've to obtain a list of selected files/folders from 'CBCGPShellList* pShellList' parameter.
strPathA selected item's path or path of the current folder is no item is selected.
bIsFolderTells whether a selected item is a folder.

Override this method in CBCGPFileDialogEx-derived class to perform some custom actions upon selection changing. For example, you may display some additional information about selected file(s). See SVGViewDemo sample for the reference.