BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPFrameWnd::DockControlBar ( CBCGPBaseControlBar pBar,
UINT  nDockBarID = 0,

Causes a control bar to be docked to the frame window.

The control bar will be docked to one of the sides of the frame window specified in the calls to both CBCGPBaseControlBar::EnableDocking and EnableDocking().

pBarPoints to the control bar to be docked.
nDockBarIDDetermines which sides of the frame window to consider for docking. Can be one of the following: AFX_IDW_DOCKBAR_TOP, AFX_IDW_DOCKBAR_BOTTOM, AFX_IDW_DOCKBAR_LEFT or AFX_IDW_DOCKBAR_RIGHT. If this parameter is zero, a default (specified in CBCGPBaseControlBar::Create method) side will be used.
lpRectNot used.