BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPFrameWnd::RemoveControlBarFromDockManager ( CBCGPBaseControlBar pControlBar,
BOOL  bDestroy,
BOOL  bAdjustLayout,
BOOL  bAutoHide,
CBCGPBaseControlBar pBarReplacement 

Unregisters a control bar removing it from the docking manager's internal list.

Each control bar must be registered with the docking manager to take a part in the docking layout. Control bars are registered using AddControlBar() or InsertControlBar().

Use this member function when a control bar is no more a part of the docking layout of the frame window.

pControlBarPoints to a control bar to be removed.
bDestroySpecifies whether the removed control bar should be destroyed.
bAdjustLayoutTRUE - adjust the docking layout immediately.
bAutoHideSpecifies whether the docking layout is related to the list of autohide bars (that is managed separately) or regular control bars.
pBarReplacementSpecifies the bar to be replaced.