BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
BOOL CBCGPGraphicsManager::IsSupported ( UINT  nFeatureMask)

Tells whether a specified feature is supported by the Graphics Manager.

nFeatureMaskThe feature(s) mask. Combination of the following values:
  • BCGP_GRAPHICS_MANAGER_COLOR_OPACITY: semitransparent colors are supported.
  • BCGP_GRAPHICS_MANAGER_CAP_STYLE: line cap styles are supported.
  • BCGP_GRAPHICS_MANAGER_LINE_JOIN: line join is supported.
  • BCGP_GRAPHICS_MANAGER_ANTIALIAS: anti-aliasing is supported.
  • BCGP_GRAPHICS_MANAGER_LOCALE: locale settings are used for the text rendering.
  • BCGP_GRAPHICS_MANAGER_SCALING: output scaling is supported.
TRUE if supported, FALSE if not.