BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPGridCtrl::EnableHeader ( BOOL  bEnable = TRUE,
DWORD  dwFlags = (DWORD)-1 

Shows or hides the header.

Use this method to show or hide the header.

The grid control doesn't use the standard header control, it provides its own implementation.

dwFlags parameter can be a combination of the following flags:

  • BCGP_GRID_HEADER_MOVE_ITEMS: allow to drag and drop header items.
  • BCGP_GRID_HEADER_HIDE_ITEMS: allow to hide column during drag and drop.
  • BCGP_GRID_HEADER_SORT: allow mouse click on header item to change the sort order of a column.

By default all flags are included.

bEnableIf TRUE, the header will be shown. If FALSE, the header will be hidden.
dwFlagsSpecifies combination of flags.