BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPGridItem::EnableMarkup ( BOOL  bEnable = TRUE,
const CBCGPTextRendererOptions pOptions = NULL,
BOOL  bRedraw = FALSE 

Specifies whether the markup is enabled for this grid item.

Call this method to enable or disable markup for this item: when markup is enabled, the standard HTML tags such as "a" will be used for the text rendering and user will be able to click links located inside the item. Override the CBCGPGridCtrl::OnClickItemLink() method to handle the grid item link click. Or you can add a new registered message BCGM_GRID_ITEM_LINK_CLICK handler to the grid owner window class.

bEnableIf this parameter is True, the markup will be enabled for this item.
pOptionsA pointer to the markup options.
bRedrawSpecifies whether to redraw the grid item immediately.