BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual CBCGPEditMarkerRange CBCGPLineColorMarker::IsInRange ( int  nStartPos,
int  nEndPos 
) const

Determines whether the marker is set between specified lines.

  • FULL_IN_RANGE - the marker is located inside the specified range.
  • PARTIAL_IN_RANGE - the marker is located partially in the specified range.
  • NOT_IN_RANGE - the marker is located outside of the specified range.

This function is called by the edit control when it needs to determine whether the marker is set within the specified by nStartPos and nEndPos range. Usually, the marker is queried for its position when a couple of lines is deleted from the edit control. You can override this method for the custom processing in a CBCGPLineColorMarker - derived class.

nStartPosThe start line.
nEndPosThe end line.

Reimplemented from CBCGPEditMarker.