BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual int CBCGPListCtrl::OnCompareItems ( LPARAM  lParam1,
LPARAM  lParam2,
int  iColumn 

Called by the framework when it needs to compare two list control items.


Indicates the relative position of the two items. It may be any of the following values:

  • -1: item 1 sorts before item 2.
  • 0: item 1 and item 2 sort the same.
  • 1: item 1 sorts after item 2.

The default implementation always returns 0. You have to override this function in your CBCGListCtrl - derived class to provide your own compare algorithm.

lParam1Points to the first item to compare.
lParam2Points to a second item to compare.
iColumnA zero-based index of the list control column that is being sorted.