BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual void CBCGPOutlineParser::AddBlockType ( LPCTSTR  lpszOpen,
LPCTSTR  lpszClose,
LPCTSTR  lpszReplace = NULL,
BOOL  bNested = TRUE,
BOOL  bIgnore = FALSE,
CStringList *  pKeywordsList = NULL 

Adds a new outlining block definition.

Used to add a new outlining block definition to the internal array of the parser.

lpszOpenSpecifies the start token of the outlining block.
lpszCloseSpecifies the end token of the outlining block.
lpszReplaceSpecifies a string, which is shown instead of hidden text.
bNestedSpecifies whether the parser should search the smaller outlining blocks inside the current one.
bIgnoreSpecifies whether the block is only used to skip some text fragments.
pKeywordsListPointer to keywords string list.