BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
BOOL CBCGPOutlookBarPane::AddButton ( LPCTSTR  szBmpFileName,
LPCTSTR  lpszLabel,
UINT  iIdCommand,
int  iInsertAt = -1 

Inserts a button into an outlook bar's page.

Nonzero if a button was added successfully; otherwise 0.

Call this function to insert a new button into an outlook bar's page. The button's image can be loaded either from the application resources or from a disk file.

If the page ID specified by uiPageID is -1, the button will be inserted into the first page.

If the index specified by iInsertAt is -1, the button is added at the end of the page.

szBmpFileNameSpecifies the name of the disk image file to load.
lpszLabelSpecifies the button's text
iIdCommandSpecifies the button control's ID.
iInsertAtSpecifies the zero-based index on the outlook bar's page at which to insert the button.