BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
BOOL CBCGPPlannerManagerCtrl::AddAppointment ( CBCGPAppointment pApp,
BOOL  bQuery = TRUE,
BOOL  bRedraw = TRUE 

Adds appointment to a storage.

Use this method to add an appointment to the related storage. Currently, the storage is specified in the constructor and by default it's a CBCGPAppointmentStorage object.

You need to set bQuery to FALSE if you add several appointments at once. In this way you can prevent from making unnecessary calls to the storage in order to update the internal Planner control data with the latest state of the storage. In other words, AddAppointment updates the storage with the new appointment, but does not updates the Planner control with this appointment if bQuery is FALSE.

You need to set bRedraw to FALSE if you add several appointments at once in order to prevent unnecessary redrawing.

Call QueryAppointments() in order to update the Planner control with the latest storage state.

The BCGP_PLANNER_ADD_APPOINTMENT message is sent to the parent of the Planner Control if IsNotifyParent() returns TRUE.

pAppA pointer to appointment object to be added to the storage.
bQueryIf TRUE, the Planner Control will update its state (its internal list of appointments) from the storage; otherwise the internal list of appointments remains unchanged.
bRedrawIf TRUE, the Planner Control will immediately adjust appointments and redraw itself, should be FALSE if bQuery is FALSE.