BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPRibbonButton::CBCGPRibbonButton ( UINT  nID,
LPCTSTR  lpszText,
int  nSmallImageIndex = -1,
int  nLargeImageIndex = -1,
BOOL  bAlwaysShowDescription = FALSE,
RibbonSimplifiedModeType  type = RibbonSimplifiedOnScreenCompact,
BOOL  bHideInFullMode = FALSE 

Construct ribbon button object.

Image indexes are the indexes in the parent category's image list. If you leave nSmallImageIndex set to BCGPRIBBON_IMAGE_AUTO, then the library automatically assigns index of the next image.

nIDButton's command ID.
lpszTextSpecifies button's text label.
nSmallImageIndexZero-based index of button's small image in the parent category's image list.
nLargeImageIndexZero-based index of button's large image in the parent category's image list.
bAlwaysShowDescriptionSet this parameter to TRUE to always show the button's description.
typeSpecifies a ribbon element appearance in the Ribbon simplified mode.
bHideInFullModeSpecifies whether a ribbon element is invisible in the Ribbon classic (non-simplified) mode.