BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPRibbonButton::CBCGPRibbonButton ( UINT  nID,
HICON  hIconSmall,
LPCTSTR  lpszText,
BOOL  bAutoDestroyIcon = FALSE,
BOOL  bAlphaBlendIcon = FALSE,
RibbonSimplifiedModeType  type = RibbonSimplifiedOnScreenCompact,
BOOL  bHideInFullMode = FALSE 

Construct ribbon button object.

nIDButton's command ID.
lpszTextSpecifies button's text label.
hIconSmallA handle to small icon to be used as button's image.
bAutoDestroyIconSet this parameter to TRUE to automatically destroy icon.
bAlphaBlendIconSpecifies wither icon is a 32-bit.
typeSpecifies a ribbon element appearance in the Ribbon simplified mode.
bHideInFullModeSpecifies whether a ribbon element is invisible in the Ribbon classic (non-simplified) mode.