BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPRibbonColorButton::AddColorsGroup ( LPCTSTR  lpszName,
const CList< COLORREF, COLORREF > &  lstColors,
BOOL  bContiguousColumns = FALSE 

Adds a group of colors to the color button.

Use this function to make the color popup display several groups of colors. For example, you can add various groups like "Theme colors", "Standard colors", "Recent colors", "Document colors" and so on.

You can control how the colors are displayed in group. If you set bContiguousColumns to TRUE, the color items will be drawn without vertical spacing one after one (see Office 2007 color picker).

There will be a small gap between groups if you do not specify the group name.

lpszNameSpecifies the group name.
lstColorsSpecifies the list of colors.
bContiguousColumnsControls how the color items are displayed in the group.