BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPRibbonStatusBarPane::CBCGPRibbonStatusBarPane ( UINT  nCmdID,
LPCTSTR  lpszText,
BOOL  bIsStatic = FALSE,
HICON  hIcon = NULL,
LPCTSTR  lpszAlmostLargeText = NULL,
BOOL  bAlphaBlendIcon = FALSE 

Constructs a status bar pane object.

nCmdIDPane command ID.
lpszTextSpecifies text string to be displayed on pane.
bIsStaticIf TRUE, the status pane can't be clicked.
hIconA handle to an icon to be displayed on pane.
lpszAlmostLargeTextSpecifies the largest text string that can be displayed by the pane.
bAlphaBlendIconIf TRUE, the icon is 32 bpp.