BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPStatusBar::SetPaneAnimation ( int  nIndex,
UINT  nFrameRate = 500,
BOOL  bUpdate = TRUE,
BOOL  bAlphaBlend = FALSE 

Set indicator animation for a given index.

Call this member function to allow the pane to display the animation whose frames are stored in the image list specified by hImageList.

If you want to disable the current animation you should call SetPaneAnimation with hImageList set to NULL.

nIndexIndex of the pane whose animation is to be set.
hImageListHandle to the image list that holds the animation frames.
nFrameRateSpecifies the frame rate for the animation (in milliseconds).
bUpdateSpecifies whether to update the pane content immediately.
bAlphaBlendShould be TRUE if the image list uses 32 bit color.