BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPStatusBar::EnablePaneProgressBar ( int  nIndex,
long  nTotal = 100,
BOOL  bDisplayText = FALSE,
COLORREF  clrBar = -1,
COLORREF  clrBarDest = -1,
COLORREF  clrProgressText = -1 

Enables indicator to display the progress bar for a given index.

Call this member function to enable the pane whose index is specified by nIndex to display the progress bar.

If you want to disable the progress bar call EnablePaneProgressBar with nTotal set to -1. By default nTotal is set to 100, so you don't need any additional calculations to display progress in percents.

If you pass different values for clrBar and clrBarDest the progress bar's background will be filled using gradient color.

To set the current progress you should call the SetPaneProgress() member function.

nIndexIndex of the pane whose progress bar is to be enabled.
nTotalSpecifies the maximum value for the progress bar.
bDisplayTextSpecifies whether the progress bar should display the current progress value.
clrBarSpecifies the color of the progress bar's background.
clrBarDestSpecifies the color of the progress bar background. Use different value than clrBar to display gradient fill.
clrProgressTextSpecifies the color of the progress bar text.