BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
int CBCGPTasksPane::AddLabel ( int  nGroup,
LPCTSTR  lpszLabelName,
int  nTaskIcon = -1,
BOOL  bIsBold = FALSE 

Adds a new static label into the specified task group.

The zero-based index in the internal group list if the function succeeds; it's -1 if the specifies by nGroup group does not exist.

Use this function to add a new static label into a group. The returned index should be used for the consiquent task operations. There is no effect when the user clicks the static label unlike a task. For more details see CBCGPTasksPane::AddTask.

nGroupThe group index
lpszLabelNameThe label name.
nTaskIconIndex in the internal image list of the task icon.
bIsBoldIf TRUE the label's text will be bold.