BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
BOOL CBCGPTearOffManager::Initialize ( LPCTSTR  lpszRegEntry,
UINT  uiTearOffMenuFirst,
UINT  uiTearOffMenuLast 

Initializes a CBCGPTearOffManager object.

Nonzero if a CBCGTearOffManager object was initialized successfully; otherwise 0.

This function is used to initialize a CBCGPTearOffManager object. The [uiTearOffMenuFirst-uiTearOffMenuLast] range must be a valid continuous interval. It defines the number of tear-off menus that can appear simultaneously in the application.

lpszRegEntrySpecifies the registry entry where the settings of tear off bars are stored.
uiTearOffMenuFirstSpecifies the first tear off menu ID.
uiTearOffMenuLastSpecifies the last tear off menu ID.