BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
UINT CBCGPToolbarButton::m_nStyle

Contains the style of a toolbar button.

The m_nStyle member variable contains the style of a toolbar button as a combination of the following flags:

Visual styles (standard MFC flags):

  • TBBS_CHECKED: check box is currently checked (down)
  • TBBS_INDETERMINATE: check box is currently indeterminate
  • TBBS_DISABLED: button is currently disabled
  • TBBS_PRESSED: button is currently pressed

Button styles (standard MFC flags):

  • TBBS_BUTTON: standard pushbutton (default)
  • TBBS_SEPARATOR: separator
  • TBBS_CHECKBOX: auto check-box button
  • TBBS_GROUP: marks the start of a group of buttons
  • TBBS_CHECKGROUP: marks the start of a group of check-box

BCGControlBar Library-defined style:

  • TBBS_BREAK: serves as replacement of MF_MENUBREAK style (because BCGControlBar menus are toolbars and menu items are toolbar buttons).