BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual void CBCGPVisualManager::OnDrawStatusBarProgress ( CDC *  pDC,
CBCGPStatusBar ,
CRect  rectProgress,
int  nProgressTotal,
int  nProgressCurr,
COLORREF  clrProgressBarDest,
COLORREF  clrProgressText,
BOOL  bProgressText 

Called by the framework to display the status-bar progress indicator.

Override this member function in your CBCGPVisualManager - derived class to customize the status-bar appearance. Do not call the default.

pDCA pointer to the status bar's device context.
rectProgressSpecifies the bounding rectangle of the progress bar.
nProgressTotalSpecifies the progress total number (in abstract units).
nProgressCurrSpecifies the current progress.
clrBarRGB value using either as a start value for the gradient fill or as a color to fill the progress bar if clrProgressBarDest is -1.
clrProgressBarDestRGB value using for the gradient fill. If you set this value to -1 the progress bar will be filled using clrBar.
clrProgressTextRGB value used as a text color for the textual representation of the current progress. Ignored if bProgressText is set to FALSE.
bProgressTextSpecifies whether to display (TRUE) or not (FALSE) the textual representation of the current progress.