BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual void CBCGPVisualManager::OnFillButtonInterior ( CDC *  pDC,
CBCGPToolbarButton pButton,
CRect  rect,
CBCGPVisualManager::BCGBUTTON_STATE  state 

Called by the framework to fill the background of toolbar button.

The default implementation uses the standard color to fill the background. Override this member function in your CBCGPVisualManager - derived class to customize the background of a toolbar button. Do not call the default.

The state of a toolbar button can be one of the following BCGBUTTON_STATE enumerated values:

  • ButtonsIsRegular - default state
  • ButtonsIsPressed - button is pressed
  • ButtonsIsHighlighted - button is highlighted
pDCA pointer to a device context of a toolbar button.
pButtonA pointer to a toolbar button object to fill.
rectSpecifies the bounding rectangle of a toolbar button.
stateSpecifies the state of a toolbar button.