BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual void CBCGPVisualManager::OnDrawTabContent ( CDC *  pDC,
CRect  rectTab,
int  iTab,
BOOL  bIsActive,
const CBCGPBaseTabWnd *  pTabWnd,
COLORREF  clrText 

Called by the framework when it needs to draw the tab interior (images, texts).

Override this function in a derived class when you need to customize appearance of tabs. This method is responsible for drawing of tab interior like texts and icons.

pDCA pointer to a device context.
rectTabThe bounding rectangle of the tab interior.
iTabSpecifies the zero-based index of a tab whose interior is being drawn.
bIsActiveSpecifies whether a tab is active (TRUE) or not (FALSE).
pTabWndA pointer to tabbed window whose tab is being drawn.
clrTextSpecifies the text color.