BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual void CBCGPVisualManager::OnDrawOutlookPageButtonBorder ( CDC *  pDC,
CRect &  rectBtn,
BOOL  bIsHighlighted,
BOOL  bIsPressed 

Draws border of an outlook page button.

This function should return FALSE if the current visual manager does not draw the border of an outlook page button. In this case the border will be drawn by outlook bar (default processing). Returns TRUE if the buttons' border is drawn by the visual manager.

The OnDrawOutlookPageButtonBorder function is called by the framework when an outlook bar is about to draw the border of an outlook page button. Override this function in CBCGPVisualManager - derived class and return TRUE if you want to customize the outlook page button appearance. The default implementation returns FALSE.

pDCA pointer to device context.
rectBtnThe bounding rectangle of the outlook page button.
bIsHighlightedSpecifies whether the button is highlighted.
bIsPressedSpecifies whether the button is pressed.