BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPWorkspace::EnableLoadWindowPlacement ( BOOL  bEnable = TRUE)

Enables or disables loading of main frame size and position along with other settings.

By the default the main frame's size and position are loaded from the registry along with other application settings. This happens during CBCGPWorkspace::LoadState (usually LoadState is called by the frame's LoadFrame at startup).

You can defer loading the window placement by setting bEnable to FALSE and/or call later CBCGPWorkspace::ReloadWindowPlacement.

You can see this technique in our BCGCBPVisualStudioGUIDemo example, CBCGCBPVisualStudioGUIDemoApp::InitInstance (BCGCBPVisualStudioGUIDemo.cpp).

bEnableTRUE - enable; FALSE - disable.