BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
BOOL CBCGPWorkspace::EnableUserTools ( const UINT  uiCmdToolsDummy,
const UINT  uiCmdFirst,
const UINT  uiCmdLast,
CRuntimeClass *  pToolRTC = RUNTIME_CLASS(CBCGPUserTool),
UINT  uArgMenuID = 0,
UINT  uInitDirMenuID = 0 

Enables user-defined plug-ins (user tools) in the application.

Use this function to enable the application to support user-defined plug-ins (tools). When this feature is enabled, the framework automatically supports a special dynamic menu, which can be extended during customization. Each new item is associated with an external command and the command is invoked by the framework, when the user selects the appropriated item from the "Tools" menu.

uiCmdToolsDummyThe command ID of the dummy menu item used as a placeholder for the user tools menu.
uiCmdFirstThe menu item ID used as a first user tool menu item.
uiCmdLastThe menu item ID used as a last user tool menu item.
pToolRTCRuntime class information of the user tool object.
uArgMenuIDArgument menu ID.
uInitDirMenuIDInitial tool directory menu ID.