BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual void CBCGPWorkspace::OnAppContextHelp ( CWnd *  pWndControl,
const DWORD  dwHelpIDArray[] 

Called by the framework in customization mode to invoke context help.

The OnAppContextHelp function is called from the CBCGPToolbarCustomize::OnContextMenu handler. It receives a static array of Help IDs dwHelpIDArray and passes the array to the WinHelp function. The array of help IDs is defined in the "BCGPHelpids.h" file. In this way the BCGControlBar Library framework enables context Help for toolbar customization dialog.

Override this member function to customize the context Help for customization dialog.

pWndControlA pointer to window object for which the context Help is being invoked.
dwHelpIDArray[]Specifies the array of Help IDs to be passed to WinHelp.