BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPWorkspace::StoreWindowPlacement ( const CRect &  rectNormalPosition,
int  nFflags,
int  nShowCmd 

Called by the framework to save the window placement information to registry when the window frame is being closed.

Nonzero if the window position and flags were saved successfully.

The BCGControlBar Library framework automatically saves the main frame window position and state before application exit and loads them when the application starts next time. The window placement is stored in the Windows registry under "WindowPlacement" key.

Override this member function if you want to store additional information about the window.

rectNormalPositionSpecifies the window's coordinates when the window is in the normal (restored) position.
nFflagsSpecifies flags that control the position of the minimized window and the method by which the window is restored.
nShowCmdSpecifies the show state of the window.