BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
Articles Description
Application Wizard Describes all steps that are necessary to take in order to create a new application, which takes advantage of BCGControlBar Pro.
Getting Started Basic information about how to begin using the library.
Library Architecture Read this article to understand the library architecture.
How to put controls on toolbars Outlines the technique employed to put Windows controls on toolbars.
Localization Discusses localization specifics.
MDI Tabbed Groups Provides information on managing MDI Tabbed Groups.
Ribbon Designer In-depth manual for the Ribbon Designer.
Visual Designer In-depth manual for the Visual Designer.
User-defined Tools How to take advantage of the User-defined Tools feature.
XML Format for CBCGPEditCtrl Describes XML format for the Edit Control. Read this article if you need to customize Edit Control appearance, intellisence words etc.
XML Format for Outline Parser This article describes format of XML files to be used with outline parser and auto-outlining feature of the Edit Control.