BCGSoft Professional Editor for MFC
int CBCGPEditCtrl::GetLine ( int  nLineIndex,
LPTSTR  lpszBuffer,
int  nMaxLength 
) const

Given a line number retrieves a line from the internal buffer.

The number of characters copied into lpszBuffer.

Call this function to retrieve a line of text from this CBCGPEditCtrl object. The copied line contains a terminating null character.

Note. Because the first word of the buffer stores the number of characters to be copied, make sure that your buffer is at least 4 bytes long.

nLineIndexZero-based index of the line to retrieve.
lpszBufferPoints to the buffer to receive the text. The first word of the buffer must specify the maximum number of bytes that can be copied into the buffer.
nMaxLengthMaximum number of characters that can be copied into lpszBuffer. The second form of GetLine places this value into the first word of the buffer specified by lpszBuffer.