BCGSoft Professional Editor for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPEditCtrl::InvokeIntelliSense ( CObList &  lstIntelliSenseData,
CPoint  ptTopLeft 

Invokes the IntelliSense list box.

Nonzero if the IntelliSense list box has been successfully shown; otherwise 0. One of the reasons of failure can be lack of IntelliSense data to display (lstIntelliSenseData is empty).

This function invokes IntelliSense list box. It's called internally if IntelliSense support is enabled (IsIntelliSenseEnabled() returns TRUE), the next inserted character (CBCGPEditCtrl::OnChar) is present in the IntelliSense character list m_strIntelliSenseChars and OnFillIntelliSenseList() returns TRUE.

InvokeIntelliSense always uses the current caret position (m_nCurrOffset) when calculates the top-left corner of IntelliSense window.

You should override this version of InvokeIntelliSense (that takes parameters) if you need to supply a custom IntelliSense list box class (CBCGPIntelliSenseLB).

lstIntelliSenseDataThe list of IntelliSense data to be displayed. If the list is empty the IntelliSense list box won't be shown.
ptTopLeftThe top-left corner of IntelliSense window.