BCGSoft Professional Editor for MFC
void CBCGPOutlineNode::GetBlocksByState ( CObList &  lstBlocks,
BOOL  bCollapsed,
BOOL  bRecursive = TRUE 
) const

Returns a list of subnodes according to their state, either collapsed or expanded.

Used to get the subnodes for this collapsible node. If bCollapsed - TRUE, the function retrieves the collapsed nodes, else it retrieves the expanded nodes.

If bRecursive is FALSE, the lstBlocks is filled by immediate children of this node, otherwise all children are recursively iterated for their blocks.

lstBlocksOutput parameter. When the function returns, it will be filled with a list of blocks (nodes) having the appropriate state.
bCollapsedIf TRUE, collapsed blocks will be returned. If FALSE, expanded blocks will be returned.
bRecursiveIf TRUE, the function performs deep find. If FALSE, the function performs shallow find.