BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

NOTE. This class is obsolete and provided only for backward compatibility. Starting from version 8.0 you should use CBCGPCalendar.

The CBCGPCalendarBar class implements the functionality of a month calendar control. The month calendar control provides the user with a simple calendar interface, from which the user can manipulate date selection. The user can change the display by:

  • Scrolling backward and forward, from month to month and from year to year;
  • Picking a month using month text area;
  • Clicking the Today icon placed at up-left corner to go to and select the currently system time day;
  • Selecting set of days or range of days clicking on day, week day or week number text, holding Ctrl and Shift keys.

Calendar bars can be created either as popup controls (like menu bar) or as regular controls.

Perform the following steps to use CBCGPCalendarBar in your application:

See also
CBCGPPopupMenuBar, CBCGPDateTimeCtrl

Inherits CBCGPPopupMenuBar.

Public Member Functions

 CreateControlCreates a Windows control and performs additional initializations.
 GetCommandIDReturns a command ID currently assigned to a CBCGPCalendarBar object.
 GetDateReturns currently stored and displayed month and year.
 GetFirstDayOfWeekReturns the first day of week.
 GetMarkedDaysReturns the list of marked days.
 GetSelectedDaysRetrieves the list of selected days.
 GetStateReturns the control (extended) style.
 MarkDaysMarks a list of days.
 SelectDaysSelects days in the calendar.
 SetCommandIDSets a new control's command ID.
 SetDateChanges the current (displayed) year and month
 SetFirstDayOfWeekSets starting week day for calendar object.
 SetStateSets state for various parts of the calendar bar control (extended style)