BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

To use it just construct the object and call Create. The following sample demonstrates how to display a smoothed 9 period RSI applied to close prices of a stock series:

CBCGPChartStockSeries* pStockSeries = new CBCGPChartStockSeries(pChart, CBCGPBaseChartStockSeries::SST_CANDLE);
CBCGPChartSeries* pCloseSeries = pStockSeries->GetChildSeries(CBCGPChartStockSeries::CHART_STOCK_SERIES_CLOSE_IDX);
int nRSIPeriod = 14;
CBCGPChartRSIFormula rsi(CBCGPChartRSIFormula::RSI_SMOOTHED, nRSIPeriod);
CBCGPChartSeries* pRSISeries = rsi.Create(pChart, _T("RSI"), pCloseSeries, pAxisRSI);
pRSISeries->m_bIncludeSeriesToLegend = FALSE;

Note: Create returns a pointer to output series that can be used later to setup series appearance and other parameters.

+ Inheritance diagram for CBCGPChartRSIFormula:

Public Member Functions

 CBCGPChartRSIFormulaConstructs an RSI formula object.
 GetRSITypeReturns the current RSI type.
 SetRSITypeCall this method to set a new RSI type.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBCGPChartAdvancedFormula
 CreateCreates a formula.
 GeneratePointsCalled to generate data points for an output series.
 GetOutputSeriesCategoryReturns output series category.
 GetOutputSeriesTypeReturns output series type.
 GetPeriodReturns formula period.
 SetOutputSeriesCategorySets output series category.
 SetOutputSeriesTypeSets output series type.
 SetPeriodSets formula period.
 UpdateLastDataPointsUpdates last data points.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBCGPChartBaseFormula
 FindInputSeriesIndexFinds input series index.
 GetInputSeriesAtReturns an input series located at the specified position.
 GetInputSeriesCountReturns the number of input series.
 GetLParamReturns user-defined data.
 GetParentSeriesReturns a pointer to a parent series.
 IsNonDiscreteCurveTells whether the formula is displayed as a non-discrete curve.
 SetLParamSets user-defined data.
 SetParentSeriesSets a parent series that represents a formula on the diagram.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from CBCGPChartAdvancedFormula
 m_bUseLongDataDefines how data points are added to the output series.