BCGSuite for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPChartSeries::SetUseWordWrapForDataLabels ( BOOL  bSet,
int  nDataPointIndex 

Sets an option to use word wrapping for long data labels.

Call this method to control how data labels display long text. If bSet is TRUE, the text will be wrapped according to word wrapping parameters defined in BCGPChartDataLabelOptions: m_dblLineCount and m_dblMaxWidthToHeightRatio.

If nDataPointIndfex is -1, word wrapping option will be set for all data points in a series (except those that have been formatted individually).

bSetTRUE - enable word wrapping, FALSE - disable word wrapping.
nDataPointIndexSpecifies a data point index. Use -1 to set the option for a series.