BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

The BCGPChartDataLabelOptions structure defines options that can be applied to Chart data labels.

The options can be set for all data labels in a series or for individual data points using CBCGPChartSeries::SetDataLabelOptions. Also the CBCGPChartSeries class provides a number of Set... methods to set various option properties individually.

Public Types

enum  LabelContent
enum  LabelPosition

Public Member Functions

 ResetReset the options properties to default values.

Public Attributes

 m_bAutoWordWrapSpecifies whether the data label text should be wrapped if it doesn't fit the label rectangle in specified proportion.
 m_bDrawDataLabelBorderSpecifies whether to draw a border around data label.
 m_bDropLineToMarkerSpecifies whether to connect a data label box with a data point marker by line.
 m_bIncludeLegendKeyInLabelSpecifies whether to draw series legend key in data label.
 m_bOverlapsAreaSpecifies whether a data label can be drawn outside the chart area.
 m_bShowDataLabelSpecifies whether to show or hide data label(s) for series or a specific data point.
 m_bUnderlineDataLabelSpecifies whether to underline data label's text.
 m_contentSpecifies data label content.
 m_dblAngleSpecifies data label angle in degrees from vertical axis.
 m_dblDistanceFromMarkerSpecifies distance from a data label to marker, in pixels.
 m_dblLineCountSpecifies the number of lines to fit within data label box when m_bAutoWordWrap option is set.
 m_dblMaxWidthToHeightRatioSpecifies the width to height ratio when data label's text is wrapped.
 m_nKeyToLabelDistanceSpecifies the distance between data label text and series key.
 m_positionSpecifies data label position relative to data point marker or shape.
 m_strDataFormatSpecifies format string for data displayed in data label.
 m_strLabelSeparatorSpecifies a delimiter string to be displayed between data label values.