BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPExplorerToolBar class implements a special toolbar with Internet Explorer style. It has two navigation buttons (forward and backward), which may optionally display navigation history.

You can customize the appearance of navigation buttons by loading external images. All other features are inherited from the CBCGPToolBar class.

The following are the differences from the regular toolbar:

  • Explorer toolbar is not customizable.
  • It can't be docked. It always placed at the top edge of the main frame and takes the full row.
  • It can't be floated.
  • It has optional built-in navigation buttons

See BCGPMediaPlayer example for more info.

Inherits CBCGPToolBar.

Public Types

enum  CBCGPExplorerToolBarHistoryMenu

Public Member Functions

 EnableAddressBarEnables or disables the address bar.
 EnableNavigationButtonsEnables navigation buttons.
 GetAddressBarGets address bar.
 GetHistoryMenuTypeGets a history menu type.
 IsRefreshModeTells whether "refresh" mode is currently active.
 OnShowHistroryMenuCalled by the framework when user right-clicks "Prev" or "Next" button. Called only if a "History" drop-down arrow is not displayed.
 SetRefreshModeSwitches on/off a "refresh" mode. When refresh mode is on, a "Refresh" button is replaced with a "Stop" button.