BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPGridPage class is used by Grid Control to store print pages. A print page specifies which area of Grid Control is being printed on the specified page. Grid Control counts items in vertical direction. Grid Control counts pixels in horizontal direction.

You can use this class to customize pagination of Grid Control:

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Inherits CObject.

Public Attributes

 m_nFirstColumnInPageStores a zero-based index of first column on grid page.
 m_nFirstInPageSpecifies index of the first row on the page.
 m_nGroupsSpecifies visible group count on the page.
 m_nHorzOffsetSpecifies page scroll offset in pixels of print dc.
 m_nItemsSpecifies visible terminal row (not group) count on the page.
 m_nLastColumnInPageStores a zero-based index of last column on grid page.
 m_nTotalSpecifies total row count on the page.
 m_nWidthSpecifies page width in pixels of print dc.