BCGSuite for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPIntelliSenseWnd::Create ( CObList &  lstData,
DWORD  dwStyle,
CPoint  pt,
CWnd *  pParentWnd,
CFont *  pLBFont,
CImageList *  pImageList = NULL,
CRuntimeClass *  pLBDataRTC = NULL 

Creates the Windows popup window, embedded list box control and fills it with the IntelliSense data.

This function is called automatically from CBCGPEditCtrl::InvokeIntelliSense. It creates CMiniFrameWnd window and the embedded list box control. Then it fills the list box control with the IntelliSense data from lstData. The position on the screen is calculated according to the current caret position in the parent edit control.

The height is calculated according to the number of visible items in the list box (CBCGPIntelliSenseLB::m_nNumVisibleItems). The width is calculated according to the maximal item width (image size + max text width depending on the font).

lstDataContains the IntelliSense data.
dwStyleThe window style.
ptSpecifies the top left corner of the window. Calculated according to the caret position in the edit control.
pParentWndPoints to the parent window (usually edit control).
pLBFontThe font to be used by the list box to display the IntelliSense data.
pImageListImage list for the list box items.
pLBDataRTCPointer to the runtime class of the custom (CBCGPIntelliSenseLB - derived) list box.